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Dagmar Klingenboeck has over 10 years experience as an Animal Communicator. She is incredibly passionate about Animals and feels that her work with Animals gives them a Voice to be heard in this hectic and stressful world we currently live in. Dagmar is a Certified Animal Communication Teacher and her Services include Animal Communication Courses and Animal Readings. It is through her work that she began to learn about Essential Oils when a number of animals told her during their communication that they needed certain oils to make them feel better. This is how her journey with Young Living started when she found out about the quality of Young Living, and after using them for her animals and herself and her clients, seeing the incredible results of the oils and the benefits they have for wellness and well being for everyone.

Jo Fuller - 

Akashic Records

Everyday, everyone including our animals are exposed to Toxins, Chemicals and Pollutants. Our Planet is struggling to survive. Do you want to live in a safe and healthy environment? Eat healthy nutritional food and use sustainable, chemical free Products? What can you do to help? You can start to think outside the square about Your Lifestyle and the Products you use every single day for yourself and your Pets/Animals.

This is the main reason why I am so passionate about Young Living Essential Oils for Animals. These amazing high quality EO with a Seed to Seal Quality Assurance guarantees your pet or animals you care for have access to the same EO we would use for ourselves. And why not? They are part of our families, love us unconditionally and make wonderful companions.

So if you want to know how Young Living Essential Oils for Animals can be of benefit to your Pet/Animals and even yourself please give Jo a call.

Jo Fuller is the Founder of Akashic Studies Australia and is an Advanced Practitioner and Certified Akashic Teacher, offering classes in How to Read the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Ancestral Patterns and Healing through the Records. She is also a Animal Communicator having studied with Dagmar Klingenboeck using Telepathy and also accessing the Akashic Records. Jo has previously worked as a Senior Sales Manager, Telecommunications Manager, Electronic Technician and an Enrolled Nurse.

Essential Oils for Animals

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