Essential Oils and Animals

The animal's size affects the amount of the Oil that should be used. Avoid eyes and sensitive areas. Introduce your animal to the Essential Oils slowly and help them to get comfortable, use them diluted and in moderation. Every animal is different and it needs to be observed how it responds to the oils. Once the animal is used to the Essential Oils, they can respond well to topical application




  • Start with 1 drop of Essential Oil

  • Dilute the Oils prior to application. Use 1 drop of Essential Oil to 4 parts of a carrier Oil (such as V6 or Vegetable Oil)

  • Apply the Oils to paws or rub them diluted onto your own hands and then stroke the animal’s fur

  • For large or hard-to-reach areas combine Essential Oils with V6, vegetable oil or water in a spray bottle for easier application

  • Apply the Oils on the palm of your hand and rub hands together, then gently pat the animal around the ears, neck, abdomen, along the spine




  • Dilute prior to application. Use 1 drop of Essential Oil to 4 parts of a carrier oil (such as V6 or vegetable oil)

  • Use with caution when applying them to the animals directly as they are more sensitive and process Essential Oils differently to other animals

  • Wear the Oils yourself or diffuse them near your animal in a well ventilated open room so your animals can leave if they wish

  • Use caution when using high-phenol Oils (such as Peppermint, PanAway and Thieves) with cats and speak to a holistic veterinarian before use




Horses and other large animals


  • Start with 2 drops of Oil, unless otherwise indicated on the product label. Dilute them first, this might not be necessary once your animal is used to the Oil

  • Apply on the spine, flank or chest area. They can also be applied to the coronet band just above the foot

  • For easy application and large or hard-to-reach areas, combine Essential Oils with a few drops of a carrier oil and water in a spray bottle

  • Some Essential Oils can be mixed with your animal’s food or water (please check product labels)