Essential Oils and Animals

Essential Oils can be enjoyed by the whole family, including your animals. You have probably wondered how you can share the amazing benefits Young Living Oils have to offer with your animals.


Animals can benefit from the power of Essential Oils. Animals are more sensitive than humans and Essential Oils are very concentrated, therefore you need to keep a few things in mind when using them. It's important to be aware which oils are appropriate, how much to use and how to apply them.


This booklet is a basic guideline only. Always consult a veterinarian who is experienced in Essential Oil usage around animals.






How to get your animal used to Essential Oils


  • Only use oils from a reliable source such as Young Living Essential Oils, to guarantee quality, safety and effect

  • Use the Essential Oils in moderation and diluted

  • Every animal is different, carefully observe how each animal responds to the oils. Use common sense and good judgement when introducing the oils

  • Apply oils to yourself to introduce animals to the Essential Oils and help them get comfortable

  • Diffuse the oils in their space but make sure they can leave the area if desired

  • Apply the oil to your hands and let the animal smell them

  • Let animals choose which Oils they prefer. Animals know which oils will be beneficial for them

  • Take care not to get Essential Oils in your animal's eyes and on other sensitive areas

  • Use caution when using high-phenol Oils with cats and speak to a holistic veterinarian before use

  • Read up on each oil before application

  • Seek advice from your holistic veterinarian for using Essential Oils on pregnant and newborn animals