Why Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living is the world leader in Essential Oils with a 20 year history of producing therapeutic grade Essential Oils and nutritional products.


“Where the plant is grown, how it is distilled and

the chemistry of the oil determines its purity”



For Essential Oil purity and authenticity and to ensure the oils are chemical free Young Living diligently scrutinies every step of their production from the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle. This gives ultimate control over quality and ensures a sustainable supply of Essential Oils for generations to come.


Therefore Young Living guarantees that


  • All their oils are derived from plants grown around the world on their own farms and partner farms (who have the same standards for growing, harvesting and distilling)

  • Their products are organic, unadulterated and pure and they strive to use organic matter in all their steps from growing, processing and all the way to selling their products

  • They control every single aspect of production of their oils which means the oils can be traced back to the grower. This ensures a sustainable supply of essential oils and gives the ultimate control over quality and purity of them

  • Their Oils are distilled once at low temperatures and pressures using chemical free water and medical grade stainless steel distillers

  • Their Essential Oils contain all desired compounds and do not contain any additives, fillers and synthetics to increase volume or fragrance

  • Their Oils do not have expiration dates and will last indefinitely if stored properly away from heat and sunlight

  • Every patch of Oils are tested in Young Living’s own internal laboratories, as well as in third-party facilities to ensure consistent, verifiable quality

  • If any Essential Oils don't pass Young Living's strict quality standards, they will be rejected and won't be sold until more will be produced